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Virtulane uses cutting-edge immersive technologies to benefit any organisation, allowing them to test products and processes more efficiently and safely than they could in a real-world environment.

About Us

Virtulane uses immersive technologies to help our clients tell their stories in new media for a new age, setting them apart from their competitors.

Using technologies from augmented reality and virtual reality through to full-immersion simulation, we help our clients change the way they do business. This includes new simulations for training and leadership development, incorporating products for mental wellbeing, soft-skills training, and creating cinematics and animation for games.

In heavy industry, we create environments where people can train in a safe, virtual space, while reducing downtime for organisations by eliminating the need to take critical equipment off-line.

We boast more than 25 years of experience in a variety of sectors and bring those skills to life in virtual spaces.

•	Virtulane is Canberra’s leading digital transformation experts with immersive Virtual Reality (VR) training, augmented reality, immersive online training provider for businesses in Australia
Capability Statement
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Download our Capability Statement to get the best of us.
Find out more about VIRTULANE
Download our Capability Statement
to get the best of us.
Capability Statement
Based in Canberra Australia, Virtulane delivers immersive technology systems ideal for safety simulation training for businesses in mining, defence, health, oil and gas, and travel airlines.
Extended Reality
Virtulane currently serves the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry by taking plans and drawings off the page and screen and into the virtual world through visualisations for commercial structures.
•	Online virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality and immersive training solutions for Australian employers, ideal for safety training in defence, mining, health, oil and gas, airline travel industries
Strategic Consultation
Our clients can rely on Virtulane’s team of industry experts, boasting decades of experience, to change the way they do business and grow for the future.
Leading digital transformation advisors for companies in Canberra and Australia, with augmented reality and virtual reality systems providing businesses with enhanced training for their teams
Advisory Services
Virtulane partners real-time data acquisition with powerful artificial intelligence to change the way you run your business, and the way you take it to the world.  


Creating better business processes through the application of technology means that Virtulane is able to service and assist almost any industry you can think of.

  • ■  Defence
  • ■  Urban Planning
  • ■  Tourism
  • ■  Architectural, engineering and construction (AEC)
  • ■  Arts & Culture
  • ■  Health
  • ■  Marketing
  • ■  Education

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